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FAQ's Chiropractic
What is Chiropractic for Animals?
Chiropractic is the use of the hands to diagnose and treat subluxation complexes. Subluxation complex is lack of normal movement in joint and is a multifaceted condition of functional and structural pathology that effects neural integrity. Normal movement of joints, especially of the spine, is critical for a healthy functioning nervous system.  An adjustment is made to restore normal mobility and alignment of the joint. This helps improve flexibility, decrease muscle spasms and optimize nerve function.
Does it Hurt?
Most patients tolerate chiropractic very well. Occasionally a patient may be sore for up to 24 hours after an adjustment. Rest is important to allow the body time to heal. Slow walks help relive muscle spasms and maintain joint allignment.
What conditions benefit from treatment?
Chiropractic is used to treat any problem with the joints such as arthritis, back pain or injuries. It can be used postoperatively to help prevent compensatory changes in the alignment of the joints and spine. It is also used canine athletes dogs to help ensure maximum performance.
Who performs chiropractic on my pet?
A veterinarian who has additional training in chiropractic techniques can perform chiropractic on your pet. Training involves 130 hours of study as well as case reports, written exams and hands on tests. A DO (human chiropractor) may also complete the course of study for animals and treat your pet with a referral from your primary care veterinarian (State of Illinois).
How many treatments are needed?
Patients with longstanding problems need regular adjusting, often every 2-4 weeks. Agility dogs often get adjustment before an event to maximize performance. Young animals can receive an adjustment every 6-12 months as part of a wellness program. Every individual lifestyle and body is different. You and you pet’s chiropractor will decide on what treatment regime works best.
Adjusting the pelvis 
Dog receiving Chiropractic Treatment